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SoftBank is home to a cluster of high achievers with
proven records of making it to No.1.
That did not stop him from pursuing his goal of becoming No.1.
In his third year with the company, he became a national champion in sales performance.

[2016 New Hire]
[2016 New Hire]

Since his early childhood, he has been into various kinds of sports, playing baseball while attending a preschool and taking up football and swimming while in elementary school, fencing and tennis in junior high school, and boxing in high school. In kickboxing, which he started practicing after entering university, he was a member of the team that won the national intercollegiate championships. He joined SoftBank through the No.1 Recruitment program.

About job

We provide consulting services to those engaged in sales and retail at all levels, ranging from the top managers of SoftBank shops and distributors such as volume retailers to store staff and other frontline workers. We make plans and take charge of the entire process from sales negotiations to implementation. We are the unit closest to customers.

Career Summary

1st year

ast Japan Company-owned Store Sales Section, Human Resources Planning Department, Human Resources Strategy Control Division, Customer Care & Operation Headquarters, Consumer Sales Control

I received training in crew tasks (customer services and retail).

2nd year and thereafter

Sales Section 1, Greater Tokyo Shop Sales Department 3, Sales Control Division 1, Sales Headquarters 2, Consumer Sales Control, Consumer Business Control

Assigned to the current section in June 2017 as a consumer sales representative, I am currently responsible for SoftBank shops in the western Tokyo area. My current mission is to improve sales performance at shops in my charge. As retail tasks are performed by sales crew at respective distributor shops, I strive to fulfill my role as a sales representative, constantly proposing various plans, putting them into action, and reviewing their effects. My forte is in boosting sale by setting up events.

SoftBank is home to a cluster of high achievers with
proven records of making it to No.1.
That did not stop him from pursuing his goal of becoming No.1.
In his third year with the company, he became a national champion in sales performance.

Putting into practice a mindset cultivated through kickboxing: “Making steady and assiduous efforts to make it No.1”

I started practicing kickboxing as a club activity in my freshman year in university. When I was a junior student, we won the national intercollegiate championships. In the course of job hunting, I learned about SoftBank’s No.1 Recruitment program and found it appealing as I thought it would be quite interesting to work for a company, where many of my seniors, peers, and juniors have been No.1 in something at some point in time. I also thought that SoftBank, an ever-evolving company with exciting future possibilities, would make a good match for me because I get easily bored when things remain the same. I decided to join the company, reasoning that the presence of diverse departments and sections enable me to gain experience with various types of work without changing jobs, hence that I would be able to continue to work for one company and have fun.

In Consumer Sales, it is not us but sales crew at distributor shops who perform retail tasks and deliver sales figures. What is required of us is to develop plans and proposals designed to enable them—i.e., those at the forefront of sales—to deliver strong results, which I find both challenging and interesting. I would identify and check the information needed to achieve the goal of becoming a national champion, plan backward from the scheduled date of the event, and confer many times with sales crew at distributor shops and the event staffing services agency to iron out details. In the course of such meetings, I try to instill the mindset of “making it to No.1 at any cost” in all the staff involved in the process.

In kickboxing, which I practiced while I was in university, those who simply get in the ring and fight numerous times are not the ones who win. Rather, those who have made good preparation—i.e., controlling their diet, doing basic training and stretching exercises, and so forth—tend to achieve good results. In this respect, work is no different from sports. In Consumer Sales, we frequently visit frontline sales staff to build trusting relationships with them and capture information only available there. As such, we keep on making steady and assiduous efforts to deliver results.

A tenacity toward No.1 to become a national champion in sales performance?

In August 2018, one of the shops in my charge became a national champion in weekly sales performance. On one weekend that month, we organized a promotional sales show at a booth in a shopping center inviting comedians. We had organized a similar event at the same place in March 2018, but failed to deliver intended results because, with only some of the crew members and myself hustling and working hard, we could not prepare properly. Thus, in organizing the August event, I made conscious efforts to involve all the crew members and raise their motivation for the event.

The first thing is to build trusting relationships. For each member of the crew, I found something in which he or she could claim to be No.1 and congratulated them, for instance, saying “You are No.1 in terms of the customer acquisition rate!” I also set small specific goals, such as becoming No.1 just one day this weekend in the western Tokyo area, so that they can experience success by achieving them. I think this led to improvement in the motivation of all the crew members.

Thanks to those efforts, we had immense success with more than nine times as many customers as on normal weekends having switched phone models over that weekend. We were ranked No.1 in sales for that week, attaining our long-sought goal.

In the process, I received lots of help from my senior colleagues in the same section, which made me realize that the power of teamwork is indispensable to becoming No.1. Particularly, having a good boss matters a lot. A good boss is not someone who is just highly skilled but one who has and communicates to you the willingness to get you promoted. Thanks to the presence of my boss, whom I have respect for, I have been able to work with high motivation.
What I like about SoftBank is that competent employees are appreciated properly and get promoted quickly. The image I had in mind of SoftBank before joining the company was employees squaring off with one another as rivals. It came as a pleasant surprise that while being meritocratic, the company has a corporate culture supportive of personal growth and gives particular importance to growth as a team. I find it a very good environment to work in.

Gaining experience in sales and moving onto a new stage to play a role in joint ventures

I requested to be assigned to the current section as my first position, because I thought experience gained in sales would be useful whichever department or section I may be assigned to in the future. Now, I am in the third year with the company and I would like to gain some more experience in sales. And then, using the experience as a weapon, I am hoping to participate in the launching of a joint venture (JV).

Currently, SoftBank is focusing efforts on incorporating superior technologies and innovative business models held by SoftBank Group’s investee companies overseas, for instance, setting up a joint venture with a Chinese company, Didi Chuxing Technology Co., to operate a taxi-hailing platform in Japan. Many of my senior colleagues in my section have applied and get transferred to the section undertaking this initiative. I get excited just thinking that various technologies and business models held by SoftBank’s investee companies will be implemented in Japan and I will be able to contribute to information revolution by offering previously-unavailable services in Japan. That is an area I want to break into eventually.

Flow of the day


Taking advantage of the flextime system, I go straight to a shop in my charge and explain future initiatives directly to the key man of the shop. I find any spare time, I try to converse with as many staff members as possible, if not all of them, to build trusting relationships, taking every possible opportunity to build trusting relationships.

Lunch with distributor shop members; building a friendly relationship is part of sales activities.

 I move to another shop to discuss the forthcoming weekend event.

I receive and check reports from all the shops in my charge on the status of storefront operations, expected store traffic over the weekend, inventories, etc.

I do small clerical work and go home without calling by the office.

Use of system for workstyle transformation

I take full advantage of the employee ownership program. Under the program, you can make a monthly purchase of company shares through payroll deduction. As the company subsidizes 10% of the purchase price, you gain even if the stock price remains unchanged. Having confidence in the future potential of SoftBank all the way since joining the company, I have continued to participate in the program. As it turns out, the total value of the shares I hold in SoftBank is now about 1.5 times the total amount of purchases.

* Information as of November 2018.

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