New Graduate Recruitment Recruitment Information

Hiring Process

The following steps are subject to change depending on the jobs applied for and on the timing and circumstances of hiring.

01Pre-entry Registration

Pre-entry registration can be made on our website only.
To register, click the Pre-entry button and enter the required information.
Upon completion of pre-entry registration, you will receive your My Page user ID and password.
※ Click the link below to make pre-entry registration.

Comprehensive Position
  • Those who wish to make pre-entry registration for the Comprehensive Position are asked to choose from the three courses: General Course, Sales Course, and Engineer Course.
  • Associate Position

    Associate Position:

    • Pre-entry registration for the fiscal 2021 Associate Position has been closed.
  • Sales Staff Position

    Sales Staff (SoftBank Crew) Positon: Pre-entry

    • Pre-entry registration for the fiscal 2021 Sales Staff Position has been closed.
  • Pre-entry registration for the No. 1 Recruitment program

    No. 1 Recruitment:

    • Pre-entry registration for the fiscal 2021 No.1 Recruitment program has been closed.
02Résumé Registration, Application Form, and Aptitude Test

Each applicant is asked to enter résumé information, submit an application form, and take an aptitude test.
Those who have passed the paper screening and aptitude test will be informed of the next step.


Candidates are invited for multiple interviews and other assessments.

04Tentative Job Offer

Upon selection, a tentative job offer will be made.

Employment Category and Career