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No.1 Recruitment No.1 Recruitment

For the employment terms and hiring process, see below.

When You Reach No.1,
Another Challenge Awaits You.

What you have gone through to reach No.1 is invaluable: repeated failures, unparalleled efforts, and challenges that pushed you to your limits. Then, when you have finally reached the top, what lies ahead of you must be another starting line.
Taking on a challenge in a new field will enable you to develop faster. Let’s aim higher.

No.1 Recruitment
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  • Pre-entry registration for the fiscal 2021 No.1 Recruitment program has been closed.


  • Pre-entry registration for the fiscal 2021 No.1 Recruitment program has been closed.
No.1 in Technology

Applicants to date include:

  • Satellite design competition winners
  • Programing contest winners
  • Robot competition winners
No.1 in Business

Applicants to date include:

  • Business contest winners
  • Persons having achieved the highest sales record
  • Inventors and patent holders
No.1 in Academia

Applicants to date include:

  • Authors of research papers acclaimed by international academic societies
  • World debating champions
No.1 in Creativity

Applicants to date include:

Creators with outstanding achievements in the arts and culture

No.1 in Sports

Applicants to date include:

Athletes with outstanding sports achievements

If your No.1 achievements demonstrate that you will be an immediate asset to us, we will assign you to an area in which your expertise will be utilized to the fullest.

Factors Evaluated

1 Whether you have made achievements that are overwhelmingly No. 1 and what efforts you have taken to reach the No. 1 position

2 How you intend to draw on the experience of having reached the No. 1 position, at our company

Employment Terms and Hiring Process

For the employment terms, click below.

Screening Methods

1. Document screening

Each applicant is required to submit a self-promotional document that clearly states their No. 1 achievements and efforts.

Submission format Free. There is no specified format. ※ A document created in Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, and other programs must be converted into and submitted in PDF file format.
Submission method Applicants are requested to submit self-promotion documents from their My Page.※ Please note that we do not accept submissions by post.

2. Presentations

Each applicant is asked to make a total of two presentations.

  • No written examination will be conducted in the screening process.
  • Applicants will be evaluated not based on their presentation skills but based on their achievements and efforts.
  • There may be cases in which applicants are asked to proceed to the Regular Recruitment program depending on their screening results.