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Design your own career.
The possibilities are infinite.
Experiencing lots of jobs
will empower you to
forge a versatile career path for yourself

Sales rep (SoftBank Crew)

Sales rep(SoftBank Crew)
  • A career that starts in the area
    where you are living,
    or the area where you want to work
    Allows you to develop by experiencing
    a variety of frontline sales jobs,
    including customer service, business discussions, and planning

Design your own career.
The possibilities are infinite.
Experiencing lots of jobs
will empower you to
forge a versatile career path for yourself

Employment Category and Career

As we approach the era of dizzying change to come, SoftBank is looking for talented personnel who can perform in a constantly changing environment and are open to working in any field.

Choose one employment category to apply for, and proceed to registration below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Regular Employee
  • Those who wish to make pre-entry registration for the Comprehensive Position are asked to choose from the three courses: General Course, Sales Course, and Engineer Course.

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Sales Promotion & Strategy

This role is essential to the success of SoftBank’s sales and distribution activities. Lead our sales organization by taking on tasks such as setting target sales figures based on overall estimates for the company, analyzing markets, and managing sales progress. Other responsibilities include creating and managing the resources necessary for sales and distribution (e.g., IT systems and training materials for the SoftBank Crew) as well as planning sales initiatives.

Service Planning

Plan and operate new products and services that meet customers’ needs, ensuring that such products and services offer not only competitive advantages in terms of price and features, but also added value unique to SoftBank. The role also involves collaborating with Group companies and partners to bring attractive products and services to market.


Conduct sales promotion, advertising, and other forms of effective promotion using digital methods such as online advertising and video, and social media. Marketing employees are responsible for planning and implementing marketing strategies to maximize SoftBank’s appeal.

Customer Support

Manage and operate after-sales customer support. The role involves operating call centers that play a part in improving customer satisfaction, as well as collaborating with relevant internal departments and administrative agencies to promptly respond to customer inquiries.

Business Development

Plan and implement strategic investments in new businesses and M&A deals. Other responsibilities include planning and promoting alliances and collaborating with partners to contribute to SoftBank’s growth strategies.

Finance & Accounting and Corporate Planning

Take responsibility for the numerical indicators that support management decision-making by keeping abreast of the state of operating performance and setting business objectives and budgets. The goal is to provide a compass for management through business administration of the core enterprises, subsidiaries, and joint ventures.

HR and General Affairs

One goal is to develop both the company and its employees through recruiting, training, helping with placements, devising HR systems, and similar activities. Another is to make the company a fulfilling place to work through tasks such as office management and organization of shareholders’ meetings.

Other Corporate Affairs

Legal, External Affairs, Corporate Communications, CSR, Internal Audit, and other corporate department employees provide the support necessary for business growth of SoftBank.

Consumer Sales

Provide sales and distribution consulting services to distributors such as SoftBank Shops and mass retailers of home electronics, targeting every level from top management down to sales personnel. Consumer sales employees are responsible for the entire process from planning initiatives through business discussion to implementation, working right on the frontline closest to consumers.

Corporate Solutions Sales

Help companies grow by recommending SoftBank’s diverse range of products and services including mobile and cloud services, digital marketing, AI, and robotics. The ultimate aim is to solve corporate customers’ problems, whether they are in Japan or overseas.

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Solutions Engineer

Plan and recommend a diverse range of solutions with a focus on mobile, network, cloud, fixed-mobile convergence, and unified communications services, to improve corporate customers’ ICT environments, businesses, and work styles, with the aim of solving their issues. In addition, the role involves designing, building, and operating systems to implement the solutions.

Network Engineer

Plan, design, develop, monitor, and maintain networks. Network engineers provide the communication lifelines on which people’s lives depend by devising 5G, IoT, and other next-generation network strategies, improving communication quality, and planning for expansion of coverage areas.

Systems Engineer

Plan, design, develop, operate, and maintain in-house IT systems. Systems engineers build service systems and develop applications, generating value in innovative ways that enable employees to maximize their performance.

Product and Service Development

Collaborate with partners to plan, develop, and test IoT and 5G products and services that look ahead to the next generation with the aim of bringing about the Information Revolution.

AI Engineer

Plan, develop, implement, and offer consultation on AI solutions. AI Engineers utilize AI technologies to help solve internal and external issues and improve operational efficiency.

Data Scientist

Seek solutions to various social issues by dissecting and analyzing big data obtained all over the world from a range of devices to maximize its value.

Security Engineer

Take charge of all aspects of security work at SoftBank and subsidiaries. Security engineers implement a range of initiatives, including organizational governance management, security consulting, and security monitoring of telecommunication networks, to minimize security risks.

Research and Development

Undertake information gathering, R&D, business creation, and disclosure on cutting-edge technologies. R&D personnel explore state-of-the-art technologies that create the future of SoftBank, and promote their practical application.

Business Development

Plan solutions that utilize IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain, and other new technologies. The role involves promoting new business projects in collaboration with partners.

Associate Recommendation-Based Support

Provide support in the form of recommendations to individual business units, including those involved in sales, planning, administration, and technical development. Recommendations address tasks such as planning, internal and external coordination, business improvement, and budget management. Associates support SoftBank from the ground up, helping to maximize value.